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There are lots of important concepts and frameworks marketers employ to build brands and sell to the consumer: positioning, affinity, consideration sets, salience, share of mind, Jungian Archetypes, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Socio-economic Classification, Living Standard Measures. Name it. But the object of this vast body of knowledge, consumers – you and I – are simple creatures. They don’t care much about brand management. They care about meeting their needs. Physical and Emotional. They care about love, family, career, wellbeing and the many important things of life. And that is where we come in – helping brands connect with Nigerian consumers in ways and mediums they are amenable, to drive sales. 

We dig

The Nigerian consumer is different from the American, European, Asian or other consumers. Even more true, the Hausa consumer is different from the Igbo consumer or the Yoruba consumer. To the Nigerian consumer, a healthy meal may not be a barley, Chicken & Mushroom Risotto but a kingly Pounded Yam with Egusi washed down with Palm Wine, not Chardonnay.

Our starting point in building brand preference is our knowledge of the why and how the Nigerian consumer is who s/he is. It is what helps us unlock growth.

We design

Let’s face it. Brand communication is not rocket science. We have a simple communications strategy development process called Validated Common Sense. We are particular about what makes sense to the consumer and not us, the brand owners.

This process informs our advertising development, sponsorships and activations, public relations or digital marketing. If the consumer is truly king, then let’s make sense to him. 

about firebrands

our history

Formerly known as RedUhuru Advertising, Firebrands Communications is a Lagos Nigeria based, independent full service marketing communications company with competences in advertising, media, public relations, digital, social, shopper marketing and activations.

We are the masters of Validated Common Sense. 

Our Philosophy

We Believe

We don’t believe in art for it’s own sake. We believe the number one goal of brand communication should be to influence taste and shift preference. We believe that communication would have done its job only when a brand is seen in good light and if it leads consumers to buy, consume and eventually become a brand’s loyal advocates. Except of course it also wants to make us coffee!

We don’t believe in templates. We believe in the power of ideas. We believe that a single Validated Common Sense is better than a thousand cricum cracum and a million higi hagas. We don’t complicate things.

We believe in co-creation but may not be the type you are used to. We co-create with the consumer! We are brain pickers.


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